Buy Ash Firewood online

Buy Ash Firewood online

Buy Ash Firewood online

Wood :                         hard wood & soft wood
– Packing :                     normally on pallet 1x1x1,8 m ( or 1x1x2 m )
– length :                       25, 33 and 50 cm
– thickness :                 max 20 cm
– Humidity:                Fresh wood, semi-dry  and dry ( max 25% )
– Quantity :                max 50 trucks monthly
– Origin :                    Ukraine
– Terms of delivery : DAP /CIF

Our firewoods have different  packaging sizes: 22l and 40 l bags (after special request), usually in 1m3 and 2m3 boxes. The packaging is also adjustable according to your requirements.


Buy Ash Firewood online

Buy Ash Firewood online: We produces and supply fresh and kiln dried Ash firewood. Length usually is adjustable to each customer request, but usually we have two standard sizes 25- 27 cm and 28-30 cm. Our Alder firewood has the best quality, because it is kiln dried mechanically.

Ash firewood is a versatile and popular choice among homeowners for several reasons. Not only does it provide a beautiful, warm glow in the fireplace, but it also burns efficiently and produces minimal smoke.

One of the key advantages of using ash as firewood is its high energy density. This means that you can achieve a long-lasting burn with relatively little wood, making it cost-effective and convenient for those chilly winter nights.

Furthermore, ash firewood has excellent heat output capabilities. It generates substantial warmth that easily spreads throughout the room, ensuring a cozy atmosphere even in larger spaces.

Another notable characteristic of ash firewood is its low moisture content. Compared to other types of wood such as oak or pine, ash tends to dry out quickly when properly seasoned. The reduced moisture allows for efficient combustion and reduces the amount of creosote buildup in your chimney or stovepipe.

Additionally, burning ash firewood generally produces less smoke compared to other hardwoods like hickory or maple. This makes it an environmentally-friendly option since there are fewer pollutants released into the air during combustion.

Not only is ash firewood practical from an efficiency standpoint, but it also offers aesthetic advantages too. Its light-colored bark adds visual appeal to any fireplace or wood-burning stove setup while complementing various interior design styles.

In terms of availability and accessibility, you’ll find no shortage of ash trees across many regions worldwide – making this type of firewood readily obtainable for most individuals who choose to utilize their own sources instead of purchasing pre-cut logs.

To ensure optimal performance when using ash as your primary source for fueling fires at home, remember to season the wood appropriately before use by allowing it sufficient time (ideally 6-12 months) to dry out completely after being cut down or purchased green from suppliers.

In conclusion, whether you’re seeking economical heating solutions or aiming for both functionality and aesthetics in your fireplace’s ambiance – choosing well-seasoned ash firewood can be a fantastic option. Its high energy density, excellent heat output, low moisture content, reduced smoke production, and widespread availability make it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both efficiency and visual appeal in their fireside experiences.

Specification: Ash Firewood – Buy Ash Firewood online

Ash firewood is a versatile and popular choice for many homeowners due to its exceptional burning qualities and overall efficiency. Here’s a detailed specification of what you can expect from ash firewood:

1. Wood Density: Ash wood boasts a high density, making it burn slower and longer compared to other types of firewood. This means that you’ll require fewer logs to maintain a consistent heat output, resulting in significant cost savings in the long run.

2. Moisture Content: Ideally, ash firewood should have a moisture content below 20%. Properly seasoned ash logs will burn efficiently without excessive smoke or sparks, providing a pleasant and hassle-free fireplace experience.

3. Heat Output: Ash wood has excellent heating capabilities, producing ample warmth even with smaller amounts of fuel. Its dense composition ensures steady heat release throughout the burning process, creating a cozy atmosphere in your home during colder months.

4. Ease of Ignition: One notable advantage of using ash firewood is its effortless ignition properties. Due to its low moisture content and relatively soft nature compared to hardwoods like oak or maple, starting a fire with dry ash logs becomes quick and hassle-free.

5. Clean Burning Characteristics: When properly seasoned, ash wood burns cleanly with minimal emissions of creosote or soot buildup inside your chimney or flue system—reducing potential maintenance costs while ensuring safe indoor air quality for you and your family.

6. Aesthetics: In addition to its functional qualities as an efficient fuel source, the light-colored grain patterns found in ash firewood contribute to an aesthetically pleasing fireplace display when burned. The glowing embers against the pale backdrop create an inviting ambiance that enhances any living space.

7.Environmental Considerations: Utilizing ash as your preferred firewood option not only benefits your household but also contributes positively towards forest conservation efforts.Most commercially available ashes are derived from sustainable sources such as tree thinning operations or environmentally responsible forestry practices.

In conclusion, ash firewood offers an array of benefits that make it a top choice for heating your home. From its high density and exceptional heat output to its easy ignition and minimal maintenance requirements, ash firewood is a reliable and eco-friendly option that can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your fireplace.

Uses: Ash Firewood

Ash firewood is a versatile and valuable resource that has been used for various purposes throughout history. Here are several creative, detailed, and concise uses of ash firewood:

1. Heating and Cooking: Ash firewood is renowned for its excellent burning properties. It produces a high amount of heat and burns evenly, making it ideal for heating homes during the colder months or cooking food in outdoor ovens, grills, or traditional wood-fired stoves.

2. Smoking Meat: The unique flavor profile of ash wood makes it an exceptional choice for smoking meats. Its mild yet distinctive taste enhances the natural flavors of meat while adding a subtle smoky aroma that will leave your taste buds thrilled.

3. Woodworking: Ash wood’s straight grain and fine texture make it a sought-after material for woodworking projects such as furniture making, cabinetry, flooring, turnery (creating wooden objects on a lathe), or even carving intricate designs due to its workability.

4. Artistic Crafts: Creative individuals can transform ash firewood into stunning pieces of art through various crafts like sculpture-making or creating decorative items such as vases, bowls, picture frames, or even small figurines using different techniques like carving or pyrography (decorating with burn marks).

5. Natural Remedies: Historically known for its medicinal properties by Native American groups and herbalists alike; ash bark contains compounds believed to have anti-inflammatory effects when brewed into teas or used topically as poultices to relieve pain from conditions like arthritis or insect bites.

6. Gardening Benefits: Ashes from burnt ash firewood can be recycled as an excellent source of nutrients for plants when spread over gardens or used sparingly in compost piles due to their significant potassium content along with trace elements like calcium carbonate which can help neutralize acidic soil pH levels if necessary.

7.Craftsmanship & Sporting Goods Manufacturing : Due to its combination of strength and flexibility, ash wood is a popular choice for crafting sporting goods such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, lacrosse shafts, and even musical instruments like guitars or drumsticks.

Our ash firewood offers a wide range of creative uses beyond just heating. From culinary delights to artistic creations to natural remedies and more—its versatility makes it an invaluable resource that can be cherished in many different ways.




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