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About us

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You are welcome to place your orders from our website by sending your inquiry via contact form or whatsapp . New Pellets LDA Started supplying wood to the local community and nearby countries. After gaining a long term experience and the high demand of wood , we had to increase our production to meet our clients requests and also supply globally.

We can boldly say we are one of the largest supply of wood in Europe because of our customer base and our monthly supply capacity. New Pellets LDA has grown into a trusted source for woodworkers. The store offers superior products, expert advice, a wide range of demonstrations and events throughout the year. New Pellets LDA strives to provide premium quality timber and its related products. We understand that choosing the right material is essential. However, there are a few points that need to be taken into consideration and understood when purchasing. Our experts employ some of the best methods to process our products in accordance with the international standard of Wood Production. Furthermore, our quality inspection team test these products on the basis of several parameters to ensure their premium Standard.

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Our Objective

Our main objective is to maintain customer satisfaction always because without the clients we will be out of business. We do this by making sure that quality standard is high and clients’ needs are meets on Schedule.
We also make sure that the company-set goal within every period is achievable thus making sure the company sees the future.

Quality Policy

At New Pellets LDA, we ensure the best quality standard, and make sure that the standard is maintain at all times as we work with all the wood quality control Units in the world to ensure the very best of quality that meets clients’ needs and wants.
We are equipped with modern machinery to meet up with demand and to always keep the standard of quality supply every day.


Company Name: NEW PELLETS, LDA
Address :Rua da Zona Industrial, n.º139, Pinheiro Bordalo, Graça PINHEIRO DO BORDALO 3270-029 GRACA
Vat Number :PT513812121


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