Buy Briquette Charcoal online

Buy Briquette Charcoal online

Buy Briquette Charcoal online


Length:                                    3cm / 28 cm
Diameter / Thickness:         3 cm to 10 cm
Shape:                                     Irregular Shape, light easily, long time burning
Fixed Carbon:                       75%
Moisture Level:                    7%
Heating Level:                      Kcal /kg 6800
Volatile Matter:                   13.5%
Burning Time:                    980 sec/cm3
Wood Type:                        Big Trees (Casuarinas)
Using:                                  Restaurant for BBQ


Buy Briquette Charcoal online

Buy Briquette Charcoal online: Briquette charcoal is free from chemicals, and featuring long-time burning, smokeless and flavorless. Charcoal products made from charcoal extruder is inflammable, smoke-free, has no spark and float dust when burning.

Briquette charcoal, also known as compressed charcoal or char briquettes, is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly fuel source that has gained popularity in recent years. Made from leftover sawdust, wood chips, or agricultural waste materials like coconut shells or rice husks, briquette charcoal offers numerous advantages over traditional lump charcoal.

The process of making briquette charcoal begins with collecting the raw material and thoroughly drying it to remove any moisture content. Once dried, the material is pulverized into a fine powder before being mixed with a binder such as starch or clay. This mixture is then compacted under high pressure using specialized machinery to form uniform briquettes.

One of the key benefits of using briquette charcoal is its superior heat retention and longer burning time compared to regular lump charcoal. The denser composition of these compacted blocks allows for more controlled combustion, resulting in sustained heat output for extended periods. This property makes them ideal for grilling enthusiasts who desire consistent temperatures during cooking sessions.

Furthermore, briquette charcoal emits significantly less smoke and sparks than its lump counterpart due to its homogenous structure. The absence of impurities within each block ensures cleaner combustion while reducing the risk of accidental fires caused by flying embers – perfect for backyard barbecues or camping trips where safety is paramount.

Additionally, briquettes have a lower moisture content than natural lump coal thanks to their production process. As a result, they ignite faster and require minimal effort when starting the fire – just light one end with kindling or lighter fluid and watch it quickly catch on. This convenience factor appeals not only to seasoned grill masters but also beginners looking for hassle-free cooking experiences.

Moreover, choosing briquette charcoal contributes positively towards environmental sustainability by utilizing waste materials that would otherwise end up discarded or burned inefficiently. By recycling sawdust or agricultural residues into an alternative energy source like this eco-friendly fuel option helps reduce deforestation rates associated with traditional charcoal production methods.

Our briquette charcoal offers a compelling option for grilling enthusiasts seeking consistent heat output, reduced smoke and sparks, fast ignition, and environmental friendliness. Its compressed form allows for efficient storage and transportation while providing a reliable fuel source that enhances the overall barbecue experience. So next time you fire up your grill or plan an outdoor cooking adventure, consider using briquette charcoal to elevate your culinary endeavors while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Specifications: Briquette Charcoal

Briquette charcoal, also known as compressed charcoal, is a versatile and efficient fuel source that offers numerous advantages over traditional lump charcoal. Its specifications play a crucial role in determining its performance and quality. Here are the key specifications to consider when evaluating briquette charcoal:

1. Composition: Briquette charcoal is typically made from a combination of natural ingredients such as sawdust, wood chips, and other organic materials. The composition affects the burning characteristics, flavor infusion, and overall performance of the briquettes.

2. Size and shape: Briquettes come in various sizes and shapes to cater to different grilling or cooking needs. The most common size ranges between 1-2 inches in diameter with a cylindrical or pillow-like shape for easy ignition and consistent heat distribution.

3. Density: High-density briquettes tend to burn longer due to their compact structure, providing extended cooking time without the need for frequent refueling. Dense briquettes also generate more heat which ensures even cooking throughout.

4. Ash production: Efficient briquette charcoals produce minimal ash during combustion compared to lump charcoals. Low ash production reduces cleanup time after grilling sessions while maintaining optimal airflow within your grill or smoker.

5.Impurities: Quality briquette charcoal should be free from harmful additives like binders or chemicals that could alter food flavors or pose health risks when exposed to high temperatures.

6.Burning consistency: Consistent burning characteristics are fundamental for achieving predictable results every time you use briquette charcoals.Grillers often look for uniformity in burn rate and controllable temperature profiles that allow precise adjustments during cooking processes like smoking or searing steaks.

7.Environmental impact:Sustainable sourcing practices contribute positively towards environmental concerns.Choose brands that adhere to responsible forestry management guidelines,and opt for products made from renewable resources.This helps ensure long-term availability without compromising ecosystems’ integrity

8.Packaging options:Briquette charcoals are typically available in bags or boxes of various sizes. Consider the packaging options that suit your usage frequency and storage requirements, ensuring easy access to briquettes while maintaining their freshness and quality.

By considering these specifications, you can make an informed decision when selecting briquette charcoal that aligns with your grilling or cooking preferences. We offer high-quality briquette charcoals offer consistent heat, minimal ash production, and sustainable sourcing practices for a rewarding outdoor cooking experience.


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