Buy Extruded Charcoal online

Buy Extruded Charcoal online

Buy Extruded Charcoal online


Length: 3cm / 28 cm
Diameter / Thickness: 3 cm to 10 cm
Shape: Irregular Shape, light easily, long time burning
Fixed Carbon: 75%
Moisture Level: 7%
Heating Level: Kcal /kg 6800
Volatile Matter: 13.5%
Burning Time: 980 sec/cm3
Wood Type: Big Trees (Casuarinas)
Using: Restaurant for BBQ


Buy Extruded Charcoal online

Buy Extruded Charcoal online: BBQ charcoal extruder have no smoke, no smell, no poison and have higher heat value than coal. Because of their cleanness, BBQ charcoal sticks are widely used for barbeque, home heating and many other fields. Nowadays they are greatly demanded by the world market.

Extruded charcoal, also known as extrusion charcoal or briquette charcoal, is a unique form of fuel that has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional lump charcoal made from natural wood, extruded charcoal is produced by compressing a mixture of powdered charcoals and binders into various shapes such as cylinders, cubes, or other forms.

The production process starts with the selection of high-quality raw materials like coconut shells or sawdust. These materials are carbonized at high temperatures to eliminate moisture and impurities while retaining the carbon content. The resulting charcoals are then finely ground into powder.

Next comes the crucial step of mixing the powdered charcoals with binding agents like starch or clay. This mixture helps hold the compact shape during compression and prevents excessive crumbling when handling the final product. Additional additives, such as igniting agents or flavor enhancers for grilling purposes, can also be incorporated at this stage to enhance performance.

Once thoroughly mixed, this blend undergoes an extrusion process where it is forced through specific molds under immense pressure. This process not only ensures consistent shape but also increases density and hardness within each piece of extruded charcoal.

One significant advantage of using extruded charcoal lies in its uniformity and predictable burning characteristics. Due to its compressed nature, these briquettes burn more consistently than irregularly shaped lumps of natural wood charcoal. Additionally, their denser composition allows for longer burn times compared to traditional options.

Furthermore, many users appreciate how easy it is to ignite extruded charcoal due to its uniformly porous structure created during production. It quickly reaches optimal cooking temperatures without relying on lighter fluids typically associated with regular lump charcoals—a considerable convenience factor for outdoor enthusiasts who want hassle-free grilling experiences.

Extruded charcoals’ versatility extends beyond grilling; they find applications in industries such as metallurgy (for smelting) or water purification (due to their porous nature). Their standardized shape and size make them ideal for industrial usage, ensuring consistent performance across various operations.

Our extruded charcoal presents a modern alternative to traditional lump charcoals. Its production process results in uniform shapes, predictable burning characteristics, easy ignition, and extended burn times. Whether used for grilling mouthwatering steaks or powering industrial processes, extruded charcoal offers convenience and reliability while maintaining the earthy essence of natural wood fuels.

Specification: Extruded Charcoal

Extruded charcoal is a unique and innovative type of charcoal that has been produced through an extrusion process, resulting in a highly efficient and effective fuel source for various applications.

One of the key characteristics of extruded charcoal is its shape. Unlike traditional lump charcoal or briquettes, which have irregular shapes, extruded charcoal comes in uniform cylindrical or hexagonal forms. This standardized shape allows for better airflow and heat distribution during combustion, leading to more consistent grilling or heating results.

Another important specification of extruded charcoal is its composition. It is typically made from a blend of natural hardwood charcoals, such as oak or hickory, combined with binders to create a solid and durable structure. These binders are usually food-grade materials that are safe for cooking purposes.

The manufacturing process involves compressing the blended materials under high pressure through specially designed machines called extruders. As the mixture passes through these machines’ dies, it takes on the desired cylindrical or hexagonal form before being cut into smaller lengths.

Extruded charcoal also boasts impressive performance attributes due to its dense composition. Its tightly packed particles provide a longer burn time compared to other types of charcoal while generating intense heat levels ideal for searing meats or achieving high cooking temperatures quickly.

Furthermore, this type of charcoal offers excellent temperature control capabilities due to its uniformity in size and density. Whether you’re grilling steaks over direct heat or slow-smoking ribs using indirect heat methods, you can easily manage the fire’s intensity by adjusting air vents without worrying about hot spots caused by unevenly sized coals.

Additionally, extruded charcoal produces minimal ash residue during burning thanks to its low impurity content and efficient combustion properties. This not only reduces cleaning efforts but also ensures cleaner flavors when cooking food since there won’t be any unwanted tastes imparted by excessive ash formation.

While primarily used for outdoor cooking on barbecues or grills, extruded charcoal’s high heat output and long burn time make it suitable for other applications as well. It can be utilized in industrial processes like metal smelting or heating kilns, providing a reliable energy source with consistent performance.

Our extruded charcoal is an exceptional fuel option that combines uniform shape, efficient burning characteristics, and versatile usage possibilities. Its ability to offer controlled temperatures, extended burn times, minimal ash production, and clean flavors makes it a preferred choice among grilling enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Uses: Extruded Charcoal

Extruded charcoal, also known as briquettes, is a versatile and efficient fuel source that finds its application in various industries and everyday life. Here are some creative uses of extruded charcoal:

1. Cooking: One of the primary uses of extruded charcoal is for cooking purposes. Its consistent shape allows for even heat distribution, making it ideal for barbecues, grilling, and outdoor cooking activities. The long burn duration ensures stable temperatures throughout the cooking process while producing minimal smoke.

2. Heating: Extruded charcoal can be utilized as an efficient heating source during colder months or in areas without access to electricity or gas supply. It can power portable stoves or be used in traditional fireplaces to provide warmth indoors.

3. Industrial Processes: Many manufacturing industries employ extruded charcoal due to its high carbon content and low moisture levels. It serves as a reducing agent in metal smelting processes like steel production, where it aids in removing impurities from molten metals.

4. Water Filtration: Activated charcoal derived from extruded forms is commonly employed in water treatment facilities and home filtration systems due to its exceptional adsorption properties. It effectively removes contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and odors from drinking water.

5. Horticulture: Extruded charcoals find their place within horticulture practices too! When added to potting soil mixtures or used as a top dressing around plants, they aid in improving soil drainage while retaining essential nutrients required by plants’ roots.

6.Environmental Applications: Charcoal briquettes are often utilized for environmental purposes such as odor removals (e.g., refrigerators), air purification (activated carbon filters), or controlling humidity levels within closed spaces like wardrobes or storage cabinets.

7.Artistic Endeavors: In art studios worldwide,charcoal sticks made from extrusion are popularly used by artists for sketching,drawing,and shading due to their smooth texture and ability to produce deep, rich blacks.

Overall, extruded charcoal offers a multitude of uses ranging from everyday cooking and heating needs to industrial applications and environmental endeavors. Its versatility, efficiency, and eco-friendliness make it an excellent choice in various fields where reliable fuel or adsorbent material is required.


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