Buy Hay Pellets online

Buy Hay Pellets online

Buy Hay Pellets online


Buy Hay Pellets online

Buy Hay Pellets online, Hay Pellets are a very ‘green’ heating source. Pellet stoves produce 90 per cent fewer greenhouse gases than fossil fuels and are 10 times under the EPA emission limits, May Miller said. “It takes 70 million years to grow a crop of gas or oil, 20 to 100 years or more to grow a tree, but only 70 days to grow a new crop of grass.”

Hay pellets burn just as well as wood pellets. 


  • Ash (%): ≤ 2-4%
  • • Quality:                                  Hay pellet
  • • Sulphur (%):                       ≤ 0,15
    • Hardness (%):                    ≥ 97,7
    • Bulk density (kg/m3):      ≥ 650
    • Diameter (mm):                    6mm – 8mm
    • Water absorb:                        1 gram of pellets absorbs 3.4 grams of water
    • Moisture (%):                        ≤ 8-10
    • Packaging:                             15 kg,  25 kg, Big Bags, Or per client specification
    • Length (mm):                       3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40

Why choose High Desert New Pellets Ltda Well, let’s tell you!

PICKY EATER APPROVED: Our pellets are so good, your pets will beg for more like a kid in a candy store. And just like candy, our pellets are delicious and healthy.
LITTLE TO NO DUST: We don’t want you or your pets to have a coughing fit because of dusty pellets. That’s why we keep our pellets as dust-free as possible.
BEST NUTRITION FOR YOUR GROWING PET: We all want our pets to grow big and strong, and our New pellets are just that. They’re like a personal trainer for your furry friend’s health.
GROW SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR SMALL PETS: Our New Grass is the result of years of experience and expertise to ensure your pet gets the best nutrition possible.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’re so confident that your pet will love our pellets that we guarantee it. If not, we’ll fix the problem faster than you can say “carrots”!” So what are you waiting for? Try High Desert Timothy Pellets today!




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