EN Plus Wood Pellets For Sale

EN Plus Wood Pellets For Sale

EN Plus Wood Pellets For Sale

Buy EN Plus Wood Pellets Online


  • Quality:                                              EN Plus
  • Diameter (mm):                                6mm – 8mm
  • Ash (%):                                                  ≤ 0,5%
  • Moisture (%):                                          ≤ 10
  • Packaging:                                               15 kg,  25 kg,
  • Length (mm):                                           ≤ 5 x D
  • The heat of combustion (MJ / kg):      ≥ 18
  • Abrasion / dust (%):                                ≤ 1
  • Hardness (%):                                         ≥ 97,7
  • Bulk density (kg/m3):                           ≥ 600

EN Plus Wood Pellets For Sale

EN Plus Wood Pellets For Sale are white pellets. Why do we separate  En Plus from Categories A1 and A2? Because our customers separate them even though there is no such classification in the research. En Plus demand is really huge, however, there is not available such a lot of white pellets in the market. Even Categories A1 and A2 = EN plus, the ONLY difference is the colour! Everyone should understand that. in some years tome comes more and more clients understand that and there will be a time when Categories A1 and A2 will be hard to get as it is with EN plus. As the market for pellets grows exponentially the same is with demand.\

Buy Premium EN Plus Wood Pellets Online

Discover the specifications and quality standards of EN Plus wood pellets, ensuring optimal performance for your heating and energy needs.

Advantages of wood pellets.
Unlike natural gas, wood pellets can save you a lot of fuel. This is because, unlike fossil fuels, they are not dependent on external factors. Statistics show that one ton of pellets is equivalent to 120 gallons of heating oil. Wood pellet stoves are also cheaper and easier to install than other types of heating.



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