Quality Poplar Firewood

Quality Poplar Firewood

Quality Poplar Firewood

Wood :                         hard wood & soft wood
– Packing :                     normally on pallet 1x1x1,8 m ( or 1x1x2 m )
– length :                       25, 33 and 50 cm
– thickness :                 max 20 cm
– Humidity:                Fresh wood, semi-dry  and dry ( max 25% )
– Quantity :                max 50 trucks monthly
– Origin :                    Ukraine
– Terms of delivery : DAP /CIF

Our firewoods have different  packaging sizes: 22l and 40 l bags (after special request), usually in 1m3 and 2m3 boxes. The packaging is also adjustable according to your requirements.


produces and supply fresh and kiln dried Poplar  firewood. Length usually is adjustable to each customer request, but usually we have two standard sizes 25- 27 cm and 28-30 cm.Our Alder firewood has the best quality, because it is kiln dried mechanically.


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